The ability for your group to be able to upload documents to a central repository for your Chapter Members to access at any time is very useful. There are 2 main areas of the Chapter Portal for you to upload files. The Group area should be used for documents that people need access on a regular basis. The Meetings area can be used for single use documents such as Mixer Flyers or you can even allow your presenters to upload documents that they would like to share with everyone such as line cards, presentations, sales flyers, etc.

Group Page

You can upload Files for your Group Members to access, and all members of a group will be able to download those documents:

After the files are uploaded, the members can download by Clicking on the name or the Download link.

Meeting Page

Similar to the group area. Go to the Meetings on the Left Menu. Select the meeting. In the top-menu of the meeting area, click on Files. To upload a file simply drag and drop into blue square.

To download a document, click on File name or Download Icon.

Delete Files

Simply click on the Trash Can for any individual File you want to delete. The system will then ask you to confirm you want to delete the file, Click OK.

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