Members Guide

Accept Invitation

Chances are that you received an invitation to join Leads Club Chapter Portal from another member in your group. Click on the Accept Invite link in your e-mail to accept the invite and create an account on the Chapter Portal. Once you finish the registration process and log in, you will automatically be added to your group.

If you do not see the invite, please check your spam folder or ask your Chapter Coordinator to re-send you the invite.

Update Profile

After creating an account and logging in, one of the first things you should do is complete your profile so that your group members can learn about you. Click on your name on the upper right corner, then My Account. You can then fill out the form and click on Save. This information is for Member's Only, and is not displayed or shared on any public pages.


Send a Referral (aka Leads)

To send a referral to another user, first, tap on the group you and the receiver belong to. Then tap on the plus(+) icon.

On Android, this icon is located on bottom right. On iOS, it is located on top right corner. Once the icon is tapped, you will see list of actions you can take. Tap on "Add Referral."

You will see following fields on the Add Referral screen. To and Date fields are required - others are optional:

  • Date: Date of the referral. Can be date in the past but not future.
  • Type: You can send a referral to someone or receive a referral you received.
  • From: If type is set to "I Received this Referral", then you can select the user who sent you the referral.
  • To: If you are sending a referral, select the recipient. If the recipient is not on Leads Club Chapter Portal, you can use e-mail.
  • From & To: If it is an outside Referral, you can simply enter an email
  • Lead Name: Lead name (optional)
  • Lead E-mail: Lead e-mail (optional)
  • Lead Phone: Lead phone (optional)
  • Lead Company: Lead company (optional)
  • Description: Additional details to help the recipient (optional)
  • Notification: If "Do not notify user" is checked, the recipient will not get an email notificaiton when the referral is sent.
  • Status: If "Do not notify user" is checked, you can manually select the referral status.

In the From & To Dropdown, you will see Alumni and Leads Club listed which you can use to track referrals from past members or Chapter activites such as Mixers and Social media.

Referral Comments

Add Comments to communicate between the sender & recipient of a Referral. These comments are private and are only visible between the sender and receiver. These comments are also forwarded to the email on file for each person.

You can create a comment, edit a comment and delete a comment

Edit Referral

Change Referral Status

Report 1-to-1

When members have 1-to-1 meetings with each other or with guests, it can be tracked with Leads Club Chapter Portal.

You can add 1-to-1 meetings by going to 1-to-1 screen from the left navigation menu and clicking on the Add New button.

The required fields are the two persons who had the meeting - rest of the fields are optional.


  • Date: Date of 1-to-1
  • User: User reporting 1-to-1
  • With user: User whom the reporting user had 1-to-1 with
  • Description: Any additional information about the 1-to-1 meeting

Group managers can report 1-to-1s on behalf of their members if members did not report.

Add a Guest

There are two ways to add a guest: through the Guests screen and through a meeting page.

The screen for adding guests is very similar to the Add a Member screen. The only required field is the name field - rest of the fields are optional. You can also choose which member has invited the guest.

Click on the Guests from left navigation menu and then Add New to add a new guest.

  • Name: Name of guest
  • Invited by: Member who invited the guest to your group in the first place.
  • E-mail: Guest email
  • Phone: Guest phone number
  • Company: Guest company
  • Business Category: Business category
  • Address: Guest address

In order to help prevent duplicate guest entries, you are required to first enter the guest's email. The system will check if a guest entry with that email exists and, if so, it will ask you to update the existing entry rather than adding a duplicate.

Look up Member

Click on "Members" in the left menu to see a list of Chapter members. You can use the SEARCH Field to type part or whole name.

You can click on any member's name to view his or her details. The details screen shows various information about a member and his/her activities within the group including following:

  • Referrals given
  • Referrals received
  • 1-to-1 meetings conducted
  • Guests invited to group
  • Business closed
  • Meetings attended

Add Revenue

You can Add Revenue for Referrals you receive. You may also add "Additional Revnue" for repeat business from a referral. To track revenue for past Referrals, simply add the referral and change the date to the past so you can add Revnue for the present.

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