Updating your Profile

To start updating your Profile, Click on your name in the Top-Right Menu and it will reveal a sub-menu. In the sub-menu click on MY ACCOUNT.

Basic Info

Please use your Actual Photo and FULL NAME on your profile. If you change your email address here for any reason, the login email for your account will change as well.

Upload your Photo

When you upload your photo, you can use most types of image files.

There is an exception. If you have a jpeg file, the file name must end in .jpg - in case it ends in .jpeg - simply manually rename the file name to remove the "e".

Short Bio

This is intened to be very short - 150 characters max.

For example a Real Estate agent might write,

"I work with Sellers in San Diego County. A perfect referral is a couple looking to downsize to a smaller home."

Business Info

  • BUSINESS NAME: This could be either your formal Business name, or the name that you want others to refer to you as.
    For example, your business might be Smith Enterprises, but you want people to know you are with Mary Kay. 
  • BUSINESS CATEGORY: Please choose the Category closest to your represented Category. If for any reason your category is not listed, please send an email to info@leadsclub.com with details so we may be able to add the Category to the list. In the meantime, please mention the Category explicitly in your Short Bio.


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